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Our P&C Association operates a School Tuckshop which is open daily from 8.15 am to 2.15 pm and can be contacted on (07) 55 733 794 during these hours. Tracy Wall, our Tuckshop Convenor, oversees the smooth operation of the tuckshop and welcomes the help and time of parents to assist in this service.

In 2015, we are utilising the Flexischools Online ordering system as well as still maintaining the direct ordering via tuckshop window / classroom basket brown paper bag system. Please see following for an explanation of both systems.

Our tuckshop provides an excellent opportunity for parents to do rewarding work for our school and, at the same time, meet or catch up with others. Please consider making yourself available for tuckshop roster as it is a rewarding time both for parent/caregiver and child. Parents are asked to give their names as soon as possible in the year to our Tuckshop Convenor so that a roster can be drawn up and published. Without full support, a tuckshop cannot operate effectively.

Please download and view our Tuckshop Menu 2015.pdf. The new menu is also available from the tuckshop.

Our new updated menu complies with the new guidelines for Smart Choices. This menu is part of our continual and ongoing focus on nutrition, quality and enjoyment contributing to the personal growth and well being of your children. The Tuckshop has the responsibility of providing food that satisfies, tastes great, is good for well being and appealing. With this is mind we offer a range of quality meal deals which your children will enjoy and you will find easy to order.

Please understand that to bring you these deals and values, the meal deals are only available as a complete meal as shown and are not interchangeable.

Why are some foods available only at certain times or only over the counter? Our tuckshop is an efficient food service, but our volunteers need your help to ensure we can get everything ready on time. The availability of certain menu items at certain times is designed to help the smooth operation of the tuckshop and ensure food reaches students fresh and ready to eat.

If your child has any food allergies, please ensure you have notified the school so that the tuckshop can also be made aware of these. If you have concerns about menu items with regard to any food allergies, please contact the tuckshop directly.

Ordering procedure at Tuckshop or via Classroom Basket

All parents are requested to write, in blue or black pen (do not use lead pencil, fluoro or glitter pens as these are difficult to read), each child's order on separate paper bags (no plastic bags please); one for 'Morning Tea' and one for 'Lunch'. Fold your paper bags in half then half again. There is no need for staples, foil, cling wrap or sticky tape. Please refrain, when possible, from sending large notes. Change will be taped in one corner of the bag. If you do not have paper bags at home, please place your order on a separate envelope for morning tea and lunch (same information required as below). We will provide paper bags at a charge of 10c each.

Mark each paper bag clearly with the following:

Your child's name and class

Morning Tea or Lunch (separate bags please)

Order e.g. Lasagne $3.50 (State the amount enclosed)

An example can be found below:

Morning Tea

Alice Smith Class 3A

Muffin $1.00

Chocolate Calciyum $1.80

Sausage Roll $2.00

Total $4.80

Enclosed $5.00

Change Required 0.20c

Paper bags are placed in classroom tuckshop baskets (one for morning tea and one for lunch) as soon as children come into class each day. These baskets are then taken up to the tuckshop. Here, parents on roster process the food orders and prepare the food for the day. Your co-operation in correct ordering procedure is vital. Change owing in any order will be resealed in the paper bag and returned to the child with the food order. Children need to be trained to look for change. If your child becomes ill or is required to leave the school early before receiving their tuckshop, we can only refund monies if the order has not been processed at that time – cancel Morning Tea before 9.30 am and Lunch before 11.30 am. Please contact the tuckshop directly in regard to this matter.

Ordering online via Flexischools

Please visit the Flexischools (add this to your favourites) to register and create an account. For each child, please add student and class. You can use your credit card to set up a pre-paid account. Online orders need to be made by 8.50 am each day. If you have ordered tuckshop via flexischools and your child becomes ill or has to leave for the day, we cannot refund the money. If you are able, collect the lunch and take with you. Alternatively, if you are able to advise the tuckshop of cancellations by 9.30 am for Morning tea orders and 11.30 am for Lunch orders, we can hold the order till the following school day.

Process for issuing Tuckshop orders

The Morning Tea and Lunch bags are filled with ordered items, placed in their respective classroom basket ( whether ordered online, at the tuckshop or via basket) and collected (Morning Tea – 10.55 am or Lunch - 1.35pm) by nominated students, who return them to the classrooms for issuing to students in time for morning tea and big lunch. Please make your child aware if they have tuckshop so they know to collect their items.

Certain items cannot be placed in the paper bags. Instead a tag indicating food item ordered is placed in the bag and students are required to bring both the tag and their paper bag showing order, up to the tuckshop to collect these items. If no meal break is show on paper bags, the ordered items will be sent out for Big Lunch.